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Building Site Preparation

We specialize in clearing and preparing building lots.

Nanaimo Building Lot Groundwork Services

Preparing to build your dream home or just need some simple grading on your lot, we are a complete site preparation contractor.

Before work ever starts building your home the site must be prepared for construction. This could include clearing brush and trees, grading the property, rock breaking, digging the basement or foundation and setting up drainage.

We have worked alongside of many engineers to ensure a pleasurable experience with your new construction project. Let us help you prepare with care and expertise.

Sloped Properties – How To Deal With Them?

It’s not uncommon for lots and build sites on Vancouver Island to be situated on hilly or rocky terrain, especially if you’d like a property with some spectacular views. Sloped properties can pose a challenge for any excavating contractor trying to prepare the site to build on. There are many options available and there can be significant cost differences between them so in order to best understand what you might face with your sloped property it’s a good idea to schedule a one on one consultation.

Our experts can then visit the build site and provide you with different options for your specific property. No two properties are the same so it’s important for us to actually view the site.

Building and Lot Preparation Nanaimo, BC

  • Tree and brush clearing
  • Demolition of old structures
  • Removal of rubbish and building debris
  • Building site levelling and grading
  • Sloped backyards and properties
Civil Construction Nanaimo