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Duncan Excavation Services

We specialize in excavating for the construction industry

Municipal Sewer & Utility Services

Trucking Delivery and Hauling

Retaining Walls Landscape Construction

Building Lot Groundwork Preparation

Duncan Excavation Services – Many construction projects require the use of an excavator or backhoe and a dump truck to haul away (or bring in) addition fill. From clearing a building of trees and brush, to levelling out and grading a building lot, hardscaping and retaining walls to digging and installing a new septic system hiring a professional excavating company can make short work of these projects and many more.

Hudson Procter Contracting is a full service general contractor in the Duncan and mid-Island area. We specialize in excavations and dump truck services for residential & commercial construction projects that require extensive ground excavation.

Duncan Excavation Services we offer on Vancouver Island

Complete Building Site Preparation
Land Clearing & Removal
Rock Breaking
Earth and Soil Moving Services
Sewer & Septic System Installations
Municipal Sewer & Utility Connections

Underground Utilities
Retaining Walls Landscaping & Hardscaping
Driveway Construction & Resurfacing
Demolition of Old Homes and Structures
Bobcat Services
Snow Removal, Hauling & Salting

Providing Excavation Services for Vancouver Island 

Duncan Excavation Services